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Jason Mraz – I’m Yours March 5, 2008

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Jason Mraz is an artist that I discovered around the same time as John Mayer. )During that period, they were often compared with one another in terms of their somewhat similar musical styles, however while John Mayer went on to develop his sound with a more Blues feel to it and gained massive critical acclaim with his album “Continuum”, Jason Mraz instead adopted a similar sound to his first LP and, in turn, was quite brutally slaughtered by the critics for his album “Mr. A-Z”. Warranted, while that album was not half as fun as his first (“Waiting For My Rocket To Come”), it wasn’t the complete catastrophe that you may have led to believe. That said, I won’t be sharing any tracks from it, but instead a new track from his third soon-to-be-released studio album titled “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things”. It’s penned to be out on 20th May and will be the first from Mraz to have proper collaborations on it from the likes of Colbie Caillat and British singer-songwriter James Morrison. This track “I’m Yours” will be the first single. It sounds a shade too similar to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s (what a name eh?) cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” but that said, it does still hold it’s own as a great, breezy, chilled out song.

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
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[ From the Album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” |
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I thought I’d also share the first single ever released by Mraz which made me take notice of him initially. It’s a track which I instantly fell in love with the moment I heard it due to its positively gleaming outlook on life. It is the very definition of the perfect pop song, stupidly catchy and a track that leaves a smile on your face long after you’ve heard it. At least, that’s the effect it had on me. Other picks from this album include “I’ll Do Anything”, “Curbside Prophet” and “You and I Both” – all of which are worth checking out if you enjoyed what you’ve heard here.

Jason Mraz – The Remedy
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[ From the Album “Waiting For My Rocket To Come” | Buy CD: | Download: ]


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i like this song very much specially the song title i’m yours..make me feel so good..

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