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Dario G – Voices (Acoustic Version) July 4, 2008

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I was first acquainted to this song after hearing it at the close of the film “The Beach”. At the time I didn’t pursue the track as I didn’t know who the track was by, or realise how awesome it was, which is why it took me a while to research and rediscover it. After hearing the tune of the softly played guitar at a restaurant diner in Prague (don’t I sound incredibly cultured right now…) and struggling to figure out where that soothing, tropical sound was from, I did my research and found it to be by the same people who brought out the hits “Sunchyme” (which hit number two in the UK charts back in that magical time when Top of the Pops was still being shown on a Thursday night) and “Carnival de Paris” (which featured as a theme song to the Football World Cup in 1998). Anyway, once again it’s a really chilled out cathartic sounding tune, one that fit the closing to the motion picture “The Beach” perfectly.

Dario G – Voices (Acoustic Version)
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[ From the Album “Sunmachine” | Buy CD: | Download: ]

I decided to share the previous song after hearing a live set performed by Coldplay last month (sorry for the excess Coldplay posts) when they did their new live rendition of their hit “Yellow”. I’ve managed to get my hands on a recording of it, and you can hear the definite similarities between the two tracks, both managing to convey the same feelings of inspiring, hopeful and happiness in their sound. And both definitely worth checking out.

Coldplay – Yellow [Live at Brixton Academy – 16-06-08]
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[ From a live recording on BBC Radio One ]