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Elliott Smith – Either/Or May 24, 2008

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I discovered both these tracks from the late artist Elliott Smith some time ago but was recently reacquainted with the song Angeles after hearing it randomly from a great cut-and-paste album called Prime Cuts by audio bytes for autobots (download here or stream here). Bit of a strange connection but I’m glad I came across it again as I managed to get hold of his album Either/Or from which these two tracks I’m going to share are taken. Angeles is a beautifully stripped-down track that incredibly mellow and hazy. It’s easy to see the artists today that have been influenced by him such as Joshua Radin and José González.

Elliott Smith – Angeles
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[ From the Album “Either/Or” | Buy CD: | Download: ]

The rest of the album plays to a similar ambiance including this track which is slightly tongue-in-cheek (“I could be another fool/or an exception to the rule/you tell me the morning after”) and lighter in mood then the other tracks on Either/Or. If you like what you hear I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the album.

Elliott Smith – Say Yes
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Darren Hayes – Who Would Have Thought September 7, 2007

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Darren Hayes (formally of Savage Garden who’s second album “Affirmation” I am a fan of… which I’m not too sure I should admit) has been floating around the music scene on his solo act for some time now. Here in the UK he had a bit of success with the incredibly cringe-worthy “Insatiable” and the better track “Strange Relationship” which suggested there was life in the camp dog yet. Two albums later and he’s now released a double-disc album “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made” which, while a little self indulgent, has spawned some incredibly good songs. The best of which is this one, “Who Would Have Thought” which is a haunting, incredibly well produced song with a deft beat, sweeping sounds and atmospheric overtone. It’s definitely one to check out. Savage Garden fans will lap this up like… someone lapping up something… really… fast. Yeah, I was never good with similes.

Darren Hayes – Who Would Have Thought
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[ From the Album “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made” | Buy CD: | Download: ]

Also, you may want to check out his video for “Me Myself and I”. It’s er… quite something: