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Norwegian Recycling – No Taylor, No Scar February 2, 2009

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I randomly came across this artist when trawling through a torrent site and was intrigued when I found that this one track featured three artists I’ve already done posts about on this blog (Jack Johnson, Missy Higgins and Wyclef Jean of the Fugees) mashed up into a single, surprisingly cohesive song. The artist, who is a bedroom-producer currently still studying for a career in music production, definitely shows flair and promise in these mash-up tracks he’s created. He’s released 3 albums (this taken from the most recent and brilliantly titled “Appetite for Reconstruction”) and can all be downloaded from his multiply site account here. This particular track I’m sharing is my favourite, featuring the songs “‘Taylor”, “Scar” and “No Woman No Cry” (with Men at Work’s “Down Under” thrown in at the end for good measure). The mix isn’t completely polished but I feel that this only adds to the tracks charm. It carries an upbeat and good natured feeling, particularly of Missy Higgin’s “Scar”, right through to the end.

Norwegian Recycling – No Taylor, No Scar
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[ From the Album “Appetite for Reconstruction” | Download Album free and legally here]


Jack Johnson – Mudfootball (Live) September 18, 2008

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I recently got my hands on some pre-“In Between Dreams” releases from Jack Johnson as I heard the track “Posters” being played on the rather awesome Radio Paradise which I recommend if you fancy some alternative laid-back tunes. The album “In Between Dreams” along with Frank Turner’s first LP “Sleep is For the Week” were the soundtracks that featured heavily on my hungover mornings at uni which I played in constant rotation annoying anyone within the immediate, and non-immediate, vicinity of my room with my incessant… well I was going to call it singing but it sounded more like a drunken lout shouting at the top of his voice in an effort to drown out the pain of a throbbing headache. One track that was missing from my version of “In Between Dreams” that featured as a bonus track on the UK release is this: a live recording of “Mudfootball”, who’s original (as well as “Posters”) featured on his previous album “Brushfire Fairytales”. I came across it in the most random of places – whilst on hold to the company Bizzenergy when having to call them at work. Now being on hold is always frustrating, made even more so by the sorry excuse for music they choose to play to you while you wait, but hats off to Bizzenergy for playing music that I actually wanted to stay on the phone to listen to and for allowing me to discover the missing gem from my version of “In Between Dreams”. It took me a while to track it down but I’ve managed to get my hands on it to share to you, my luscious readers. It’s an upbeat, fun sounding live recording featuring a bouncing harmonica, a great sounding live guitar that hits around the minute-and-a-half mark, and a sense of spontaneous and effortless riffing that’s played at ease – something you can only capture in live sessions.

Jack Johnson – Mudfootball (Live)
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[ From the Album “In Between Dreams” (UK Bonus Track) |
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Missy Higgins August 6, 2008

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Apologies for the lack of posts recently. The main reason is that I have not been struck by any new music that I felt compelled to share lately and it is only when I am genuinely excited about a song or artist that gives me the urge to post music on this blog. So instead of waiting for something to hit me, I thought I’d share some tracks from an artist that struck me some time ago when listening to Hitz Radio during my uni years. )Whilst I probably wouldn’t recommend you listen to the station now unless you want to hear some unadulterated commercial pop, rock and rap tunes from the U.S., I did funnily enough discover both this artist as well as John Mayer who are popular in many other territories across the globe but are almost unheard of here in the UK.

Missy Higgins is an Australian artist whose song “Ten Days” I discovered on Hitz Radio and found was good enough for me to further research into her then newly released album “The Sound Of White”. The tracks on this LP are mainly somber piano ballads which I’ve found to be skillfully and maturely written for such a young artist (the first track “All For Believing” won a competition in her High School when she was just 16).

The first track I’m going to share was the first ever single released and one that is in a complete opposite disposition to the rest of the album. It’s an incredibly fresh, upbeat sounding summery tune that evokes a carefree and emancipated feeling.

Missy Higgins – Scar
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This second track is taken from her second album “On a Clear Night”. This LP sees Missy Higgins be more varied in her sound with tracks that are built around guitars and various other instrumentation as opposed to just the piano. The overall feel is less heavy then the first album and this track I’m sharing now definitely has the similar feeling of joy and ease that can be heard in “Scar”.

Missy Higgins – Steer
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This final song taken from her first album is on that I’ve decided to share last because it’s something quite special. In this track Missy paints the picture of a ten year-old seeking refuge from experiencing abuse at home. The track is haunted by the lyrics “somebody’s bed will never be warm again/the river will keep this friend” and it is lulled over a calm and carefree strumming guitar that provides relief from the somber atmosphere created by the bleek lyrics.

Missy Higgins – The River
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[ From the Album “The Sound Of White” | Buy CD: |
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