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Schiller – You (Feat. Colbie Caillat) January 25, 2009

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At the moment I still can’t seem to get enough of Colbie Caillat, an artist who I’ve mentioned several times on this blog. I went to see her perform in London a few months back and I’m eagerly waiting for a new release from her to come. What draws me to her music became even more apparent recently when she described in a recent interview that the two biggest influences of her music were John Mayer and Bob Marley (both of which whose music I share a particular passion for).

I went on the hunt for a bunch of tracks that she has been featured in that wasn’t on her endlessly replayable album “Coco” and came across this track. It’s from an album which I know nothing about aside from the fact that Colbie featured on one of the tracks on it, done on the project Schiller by German artist Christopher von Deylen who’s background is in electronia. It’s definitely a departure from her usual sound – much darker with a heavier overtone then anything shes done before, which displays a versatility I hope carries through to her next release. The track has an atmospheric, almost enigmatic feel and draws you in immediately.

Schiller – You (Feat. Colbie Caillat)
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Missy Higgins August 6, 2008

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Apologies for the lack of posts recently. The main reason is that I have not been struck by any new music that I felt compelled to share lately and it is only when I am genuinely excited about a song or artist that gives me the urge to post music on this blog. So instead of waiting for something to hit me, I thought I’d share some tracks from an artist that struck me some time ago when listening to Hitz Radio during my uni years. )Whilst I probably wouldn’t recommend you listen to the station now unless you want to hear some unadulterated commercial pop, rock and rap tunes from the U.S., I did funnily enough discover both this artist as well as John Mayer who are popular in many other territories across the globe but are almost unheard of here in the UK.

Missy Higgins is an Australian artist whose song “Ten Days” I discovered on Hitz Radio and found was good enough for me to further research into her then newly released album “The Sound Of White”. The tracks on this LP are mainly somber piano ballads which I’ve found to be skillfully and maturely written for such a young artist (the first track “All For Believing” won a competition in her High School when she was just 16).

The first track I’m going to share was the first ever single released and one that is in a complete opposite disposition to the rest of the album. It’s an incredibly fresh, upbeat sounding summery tune that evokes a carefree and emancipated feeling.

Missy Higgins – Scar
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This second track is taken from her second album “On a Clear Night”. This LP sees Missy Higgins be more varied in her sound with tracks that are built around guitars and various other instrumentation as opposed to just the piano. The overall feel is less heavy then the first album and this track I’m sharing now definitely has the similar feeling of joy and ease that can be heard in “Scar”.

Missy Higgins – Steer
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This final song taken from her first album is on that I’ve decided to share last because it’s something quite special. In this track Missy paints the picture of a ten year-old seeking refuge from experiencing abuse at home. The track is haunted by the lyrics “somebody’s bed will never be warm again/the river will keep this friend” and it is lulled over a calm and carefree strumming guitar that provides relief from the somber atmosphere created by the bleek lyrics.

Missy Higgins – The River
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Darren Hayes – Who Would Have Thought September 7, 2007

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Darren Hayes (formally of Savage Garden who’s second album “Affirmation” I am a fan of… which I’m not too sure I should admit) has been floating around the music scene on his solo act for some time now. Here in the UK he had a bit of success with the incredibly cringe-worthy “Insatiable” and the better track “Strange Relationship” which suggested there was life in the camp dog yet. Two albums later and he’s now released a double-disc album “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made” which, while a little self indulgent, has spawned some incredibly good songs. The best of which is this one, “Who Would Have Thought” which is a haunting, incredibly well produced song with a deft beat, sweeping sounds and atmospheric overtone. It’s definitely one to check out. Savage Garden fans will lap this up like… someone lapping up something… really… fast. Yeah, I was never good with similes.

Darren Hayes – Who Would Have Thought
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[ From the Album “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made” | Buy CD: | Download: ]

Also, you may want to check out his video for “Me Myself and I”. It’s er… quite something: