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Frank Turner – Photosynthesis February 15, 2008

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Frank Turner is a singer-songwriter from England with a difference from most other singer-songwriters. frankturnerloveiresong.jpgThere is something undeniably British about him and the thing that drew me to his music from the outset are his constant bittersweet tales of living as an adult who refuses to give up his adolescence. His songs share his rebellious attitude which wants to change the world but can’t seem to be arsed to bother doing so at the same time, as is the case with the song “Once We Were Anarchists” from his fantastic first album “Sleep Is For The Week”. That album came out well over a year ago and after accompanying me through my final year of university, I’m ecstatic to find out his new album “Love Ire & Song” will be released on 31st March.

This first track is his new single “Photosynthesis” which has all the traits mentioned above of a classic Frank Turner song. It’s a fun track with quite a folky feel to it, which according to his blog is something we should expect from the rest of the album. I feel a bit odd sharing this track after reading his stance on downloading his music, but after going to one of his shows and admitting I downloaded his first album, a Jack and coke was all he requested as compensation. I even got a picture with him to show there was no hard feelings, so I’m sure this will be fine… I think (edit: guess not). Anywho, the quality of the file isn’t the best as it’s taken from his Myspace page but it’s definitely enjoyable nonetheless.

Frank Turner – Photosynthesis.mp3
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I also thought I’d share a track from his first album which I suggest you listen to first if you haven’t heard it to understand why I reguard this guy so highly. This track, “Vital Signs”, is about experiencing life for the moment and not worrying about what the future has to hold (“Well I’ll never get to grey hair/And I’ll never be in the black/But I can tell stories that most can hardly dream”). As cheesy as my description sounds, it’s a freaking awesome song so check it out. Immediately.

Frank Turner – Vital Signs.mp3
(removed by request of Xtra Mile Recordings)
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