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Example – Birthday Card October 14, 2007

Posted by Rish in hip-hop.
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I discovered this white rapper who hails from the mean streets of Fulham when someone invited me to a gig he was doing in my home town. So I thought I’d check out his releases which is when I saw the video for his track “I Don’t Want To”. Observe:

After seeing the first few seconds, I put him down as someone who looked not unlike a retarded junkie, but when his rap started I realised the dude had skills. I managed to get hold of his album “What We Made” which is great – Example has a real flair for story-telling and a pretty good flow on him and the production on his tracks by “Rusher” are varied and entertaining. A good example is both the above track and the one I’m posting now about the ills of forgetting to get a birthday card for your girlfriend and booking a table at Nandos to compensate. Yeah, it doesn’t turn out too well.

Example – Birthday Card
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