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Schiller – You (Feat. Colbie Caillat) January 25, 2009

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At the moment I still can’t seem to get enough of Colbie Caillat, an artist who I’ve mentioned several times on this blog. I went to see her perform in London a few months back and I’m eagerly waiting for a new release from her to come. What draws me to her music became even more apparent recently when she described in a recent interview that the two biggest influences of her music were John Mayer and Bob Marley (both of which whose music I share a particular passion for).

I went on the hunt for a bunch of tracks that she has been featured in that wasn’t on her endlessly replayable album “Coco” and came across this track. It’s from an album which I know nothing about aside from the fact that Colbie featured on one of the tracks on it, done on the project Schiller by German artist Christopher von Deylen who’s background is in electronia. It’s definitely a departure from her usual sound – much darker with a heavier overtone then anything shes done before, which displays a versatility I hope carries through to her next release. The track has an atmospheric, almost enigmatic feel and draws you in immediately.

Schiller – You (Feat. Colbie Caillat)
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Incubus – Patomime (Live) October 6, 2007

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A live recording of a track from one of my favourite bands of all-time now. The reason why I regard Incubus so highly is due to their ability evolve and mature their sound and almost reinvent themselves as a band with each album. They have taken some stick and lost a lot of their following who were fans of their earlier work, but this is an inevitable consequence of their constant experimentalism and merely makes my respect for them even higher. Anyways, this is a non-album track entitled “Pantomime” which was recorded in 2004 in Japan. It’s quite a ‘spacy’ track with many interesting sounds and starts slow before building up and up towards crashing guitars by the close.

Incubus – Pantomime (Live in Japan)
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