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Tilly and the Wall – Beat Control August 2, 2009

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I previously posted a track from Tilly and the Wall some time ago which I still listen to this day and get the same feeling that I did the first time I heard it. Realising this fact makes me content because it hopefully reaffirms the notion that the songs I post on this blog will live on long after I end up no longer updating it. Well here’s another that I hope to see have the same longevity as “Rainbows in the Dark“. It has a beat thats hot enough to grace any dance or hip hop dance floor. It’s positively hot. Check it out.

Tilly and the Wall – Beat Control
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[ From the EP “Beat Control” ]

Feel-good Remixes January 7, 2009

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Alright, alright. Here’s my update. Sorry about the delay, I’ve started doing a Masters so time isn’t as ample as it was. I’ve decided to add an extra page to my site to let you know about the site status and when to expect new posts etc.

A friend of mine shared me these two feel-good remixes of tracks that were good in the initial form but the remakes definitely add something new and inventive as opposed to 99% of the usual remixes that aren’t worth bothering with. The first is a track I heard in it’s original form on the radio often and had a sort of “meh” response to it although did think it had an insanely catchy chorus – but this remix takes the track to a new height. It gives the song a new funky, electro vibe and it’s just incredibly upbeat.¬† I’ve played this in the presence of others and it definitely has a universal appeal. So that should include you.

Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)
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[ Original from the Album “Partie Traumatic” | Buy CD: | Download: ]


The second is a remix of a song that was already pretty awesome to begin with, but comes with added production from the Neptunes (who sounds like that they’ve used the same drum machine¬† from the track “Lapdance” to create their funky beat). With the extra touches that don’t overpower the melodic sound of the original, the track packs a new punch that takes it over the edge.

Ben Harper – Steal My Kisses (The Neptunes Remix)
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[ Original from the Album “Burn to Shine” | Buy CD: | Download: ]


Jack Johnson – Mudfootball (Live) September 18, 2008

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I recently got my hands on some pre-“In Between Dreams” releases from Jack Johnson as I heard the track “Posters” being played on the rather awesome Radio Paradise which I recommend if you fancy some alternative laid-back tunes. The album “In Between Dreams” along with Frank Turner’s first LP “Sleep is For the Week” were the soundtracks that featured heavily on my hungover mornings at uni which I played in constant rotation annoying anyone within the immediate, and non-immediate, vicinity of my room with my incessant… well I was going to call it singing but it sounded more like a drunken lout shouting at the top of his voice in an effort to drown out the pain of a throbbing headache. One track that was missing from my version of “In Between Dreams” that featured as a bonus track on the UK release is this: a live recording of “Mudfootball”, who’s original (as well as “Posters”) featured on his previous album “Brushfire Fairytales”. I came across it in the most random of places – whilst on hold to the company Bizzenergy when having to call them at work. Now being on hold is always frustrating, made even more so by the sorry excuse for music they choose to play to you while you wait, but hats off to Bizzenergy for playing music that I actually wanted to stay on the phone to listen to and for allowing me to discover the missing gem from my version of “In Between Dreams”. It took me a while to track it down but I’ve managed to get my hands on it to share to you, my luscious readers. It’s an upbeat, fun sounding live recording featuring a bouncing harmonica, a great sounding live guitar that hits around the minute-and-a-half mark, and a sense of spontaneous and effortless riffing that’s played at ease – something you can only capture in live sessions.

Jack Johnson – Mudfootball (Live)
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[ From the Album “In Between Dreams” (UK Bonus Track) |
Buy CD: ]

Jeffrey Gaines – In Your Eyes December 12, 2007

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Another discovery from the awesome-o Pandora.com. I got this track by listening to my own created radio page for songs similar to the track “Michael Tolcher – Sooner or Later” so if you want to hear similar tracks, put that one in – I guarantee you’ll find something great. One name that kept popping up on this channel was Jeffrey Gaines who’s a male singer-songwriter with a really soulful voice. I managed to get my hands on one of his most popular tracks (which turned out to be a cover by Peter Gabriel) and it’s easy to see why. It’s a really heartfelt track which feels very hopeful and positive.

Jeffrey Gaines – In Your Eyes
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[ From the Album “Always Be” | Buy CD: | Download: ]

Tyrone Wells – Wondering Where You Are August 22, 2007

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I found this track on Pandora.com. It’s a bit gay and poppy but I like it (go figure). If you guys haven’t checked Pandora out yet, you really, really should. It’s the ultimate tool for discovering new music and I have found so much good stuff on it that I’m damn sure going to be posting in the future. More soon.

Tyrone Wells – Wondering Where You Are
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[ From the Album “Snapshot” | Buy CD: | Download: ]